Card name: Zendikar Incarnate
Mana Cost: CMC2Color RColor G
Converted Mana Cost: 4
Types: Creature — Elemental
Card Text: Zendikar Incarnate's power is equal to the number of lands you control.
Flavor Text: "Her people angered Zendikar, and they faced the land's wrath. That is why Nissa is the last of the animists."—Numa, Joraga chieftain
P/T: (*/4)
Expansion: ORIU Origins
Rarity: Uncommon

Zendikar Incarnate
Card rulings (?)
2015-06-22 The ability defining Zendikar Incarnate's power works in all zones, not just the battlefield. Zendikar Incarnate's power changes as the number of lands you control does.

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