Magical Armor is a Color W Color B archetype deck revolving around enchantments.
Enhance your creatures to outclass your opponent.

Step 1: Enchantments & AurasEdit

Some enchantments can make your creatures better. Others can harm your opponent's creatures. You'll want some of both.
Choose 6 enchantment cards.

Step 2: Enchantment SynergyEdit

Some creatures search for enchantments in your library. Pair them with creatures who gain extra benefit while enchanted.
Choose 14 creature cards.

Step 3: Fill your Deck!Edit

You need a few more cards to complete your deck:
• Creatures are important! Most decks want to include 20-30 creatures.
• Variety is good. You want creatures with lower mana cost to cast early, but also include a few high-cost powerhouses to finish off your opponent.
• Removal is key. Select cards which remove your opponent's best threats and victory won't be far behind.
Choose 16 cards.

Step 4: Lands!Edit

The right mix of lands helps make sure you'll be able to cast all your spells. The recommended number and type of lands have been automatically added to your deck.
24 land cards are added.

Step 5: Customize your Deck!Edit

Choose an avatar with background art, card sleeves and name to represent your deck!

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