The Deck Wizard is a step-by-step assistant that helps new players building their deck.

Choosing an archetypeEdit

One of up to ten archetypes can be selected limiting the cards in the deck to two colors. A simple description on how the deck should work (win condition) is given.

Choosing the core cardsEdit

In the next two steps a selection of five different cards is shown that can be put in the deck. The quantity is limited by the players card collection. These cards support the game mechanics of the chosen archetype.

Filling the deckEdit

Other cards from the card collection can be put in the deck to get a deck size of 60 cards (including lands).

Adding LandsEdit

In the last step lands are automatically added to the deck.
Lands can not be selected or changed. The amount and type is based on the cards chosen before.

Through the automatic limitations of the deck wizard it can be hard to nearly impossible for veteran players to build a deck of their likings. The Deck Wizard targets new players helping to learn deck-building and understand game concepts.
An alternative is the Deck Builder that lets players select freely from the card collection.

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