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Colorless Card

Being colorless means that the card, effect, or whatever it refers to has no mana color association to it. Artifacts and lands, for example, are colorless (some artifacts such as Esperzoa are colored). This can be either a deficiency or a bonus depending on how much either player's deck values colors. It is also impossible to choose "colorless" as a color, so that makes it harder to defend against when something could affect all colors.

A nonland card does not have to be an artifact to be colorless. Artifacts and artifact creatures are defined by their card type, not by their casting cost.


Devoid was introduced with Battle for Zendikar. This ability makes an object colorless, even when it has colored mana in its casting cost.

Main article: Devoid

"True" Colorless ManaEdit

With Oath of the Gatewatch a new type of colorless mana was introduced. All spells, abilities, etc with the Mana C symbol in their casting cost have to be paid with colorless mana in contrast to generic mana, which can be paid with mana of any color.

A cost of CMC1 can be paid with either Color W, Color U, Color B, Color R, Color G or Mana C mana. A cost of Mana C can only be paid with Mana C.

Watch this explanatory video to see how this game concept works.

Oath of the Gatewatch - What's Up With the Colorless Mana Symbol01:35

Oath of the Gatewatch - What's Up With the Colorless Mana Symbol

Note: The video is based on the physical card game. Shown cards might not appear in Magic Duels.

Skill QuestEdit

You can play the skill quest "Colorless Mana and Mana C" to see how this game concept works.

If you see a cost with the new colorless mana symbol (Mana C), you need colorless mana to pay for it. Look for cards like Wastes that specifically produce colorless mana. Any mana, including colorless mana, can be used to pay for generic mana costs (shown with a numeral).

Use the mana tapping button (Default: Left Crtl or NUMPAD 4/6) to cycle through the different ways to pay for a spell or ability. This way, if you want to make sure your Wastes stay untapped because you need colorless mana later in the turn, you can!

Well done! Most of the time you won't need to worry about what lands you're tapping, but this method lets you play out more complex plays.

Comprehensive RulesEdit

105.2c A colorless object has no color.

107.4c The colorless mana symbol Mana C is used to represent one colorless mana, and also to represent a cost that can be paid only with one colorless mana.

202.2b Objects with no colored mana symbols in their mana costs are colorless.

301.4. Artifacts have no characteristics specific to their card type. Most artifacts have no colored mana symbols in their mana costs, and are therefore colorless. However, there is no correlation between being colorless and being an artifact: artifacts may be colored, and colorless objects may be card types other than artifact.[1]


See alsoEdit

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