Coins, also called Gold, is the currency of Magic Duels. They can be acquired by

  • completing skill, daily and community quests,
  • finishing single-player missions in story mode,
  • playing single duels in certain game modes (see Battle Mode Rewards)
  • and can also be bought with real money in the ingame-store.

Coins are currently used to buy booster packs of existing expansions, starting with Magic Duels: Origins. Since the Expansion Magic Duels: Kaladesh you can also buy Items. The Symbol on the Coins is the Emblem from the draconic Planeswalker Nicol Bolas.

Battle Mode RewardsEdit

Battle Mode Versus

Start a Ranked Versus Battle

Game mode Opponent Reward
Solo battle Easy AI 5 Gold
Medium AI 10 Gold
Hard AI 15 Gold
Versus battle Ranked 30 Gold
Casual no Reward
Two-Headed Giant Random Teammate 30 Gold
Invite Teammate no Reward
AI Teammate 30 Gold

Reward ChangesEdit

Watch Drew Nolosco and Chris Peeler talk about the coin reward changes in March 2016.

Magic Duels Developer Insights New Coin Rewards02:41

Magic Duels Developer Insights New Coin Rewards

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