Chandra's first mission is a confrontation with the authorities of Kaladesh.


Intro Text
You find yourself in yet another in a long series of scrapes with the authorities of Kaladesh who don't understand you. These time, however, something unexpected happens--when they corner you, fire spontaneously erupts from your hands.

Victory Text
Thanks to your newfound fire magic, you manage to escape from the authorities, but your fiery gift does not go unnoticed. Kaladesh soldiers, led by the formidable Captain Baral, pursue you through the city.


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Chandra's deck (40 cards)

18 Lands Icon land
18 Mountain
14 Creatures Icon creature
3 Pyre Charger
3 Young Pyromancer
2 Chandra's Phoenix
3 Firefiend Elemental
3 Fire Elemental
6 Instants Icon instant
3 Fiery Impulse
2 Ravaging Blaze
1 Chandra's Fury
2 Sorceries Icon sorcery
2 Flames of the Firebrand

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Kaladesh Artificers' deck (40 cards)

18 Lands Icon land
9 Island
9 Mountain
20 Creatures Icon creature
4 Sell-Sword Brute
4 Aeronaut Tinkerer
3 Ghirapur Gearcrafter
3 Thopter Engineer
2 Aspiring Aeronaut
2 Reclusive Artificer
2 Scrapyard Mongrel
2 Instants Icon instant
2 Kindled Fury


The Artificers have a Thopter deck that focuses on making Thopter tokens and having creatures that benefit from them due to artifact synergy. The Artificers' advantage is having the ability to swarm the battlefield with many creatures with flying which Chandra will find difficult to block: in her deck, only the 2/2 Chandra's Phoenix has flying, and it matches poorly against the 2/3 Aeronaut Tinkerer (on the plus side, the Phoenix matches up well against Thopters or Aspiring Aeronaut).

Chandra's advantage lies in her noncreature spells, which match up well against the Artificers' deck, due to the large number of 1-toughness creatures they summon; this makes Flames of the Firebrand and Chandra's Fury quite powerful, as they will often be able to take out multiple creatures. She also has a fair few single-target burn spells which can take out the higher toughness creatures the Artificers create: a Fiery Impulse with spell mastery active will take out any one of the Artificers' creatures.

Watch out for Kindled Fury from the Artificers, which gives +1/+0 and first strike. The AI pretty much always plays lands, so once the Artificers start topdecking, if they don't play anything and pass the turn, they almost certainly have a Kindled Fury in their hand. A good counterplay against Kindled Fury is to burn their creature in response.