The fifth mission in Magic Duels: Battle for Zendikar is the final battle Gideon, Jace, Nissa and the Zendikari army fighting against Ulamog and the Eldrazi.

The Battle for Zendikar Campaign ends with a cliffhanger, which will be continued in Magic Duels: Oath of the Gatewatch.


Intro Text
Thanks to the cover you provided, Jace and Nissa were able to align the hedrons and trap Ulamog. But suddenly a fresh wave of Eldrazi rises up from the depths of the sea. They're everywhere. There's no time to plan. You have to fight.

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Victory Text
You've given this battle your all, repelling the Eldrazi long enough for Jace and Nissa to assault Ulamog with an intense blast of power. It's working. If the three of you can hold on for another moment, you'll have won. That's when you feel the land shift beneath you.
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Gideon's Army's Deck (60 cards)

24 Lands Icon land
4 Evolving Wilds
2 Prairie Stream
2 Canopy Vista
2 Cinder Glade
7 Plains
4 Forest
2 Mountain
1 Island
26 Creatures Icon creature
3 Hada Freeblade
3 Kor Bladewhirl
4 Oran-Rief Survivalist
3 Skyrider Elf
3 Firemantle Mage
2 Lantern Scout
2 Veteran Warleader
1 Munda, Ambush Leader
2 Kor Entanglers
3 Tajuru Warcaller
2 Artifacts Icon artifact
2 Aligned Hedron Network
3 Enchantments Icon enchantment
3 Stasis Snare
2 Instants Icon instant
2 Smite the Monstrous
3 Sorceries Icon sorcery
3 Unified Front

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Ulamog's deck (60 cards)

26 Lands Icon land
3 Blighted Woodland
15 Forest
8 Swamp
22 Creatures Icon creature
4 Blisterpod
4 Culling Drone
4 Catacomb Sifter
1 Blight Herder
2 Brood Butcher
3 Kozilek's Channeler
1 Oblivion Sower
1 Ruin Processor
1 Desolation Twin
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
3 Artifacts Icon artifact
3 Hedron Archive
2 Enchantments Icon enchantment
2 From Beyond
6 Instants Icon instant
3 Titan's Presence
3 Unnatural Aggression
1 Sorceries Icon sorcery
1 Gruesome Slaughter

Special RulesEdit

It's only a matter of time before Ulamog breaks his bonds. Defeat the tide of Eldrazi before it's too late!

Ulamog starts the duel with a life total of 30.


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