Bant Wallpaper

Bant. Artist: Greg Staples.

Following Kytheon's transformation into a planeswalker, he finds himself on the plane of Bant, a "shard" of a divided world, isolated from the rest of the shards due to catastrophic mana disruptions. Due to its prolonged distancing from civilizations and magics diametrically opposed to its own, Bant developed kingdoms of order, growth, and commerce, in relative peace and prosperity.

Originally introduced as part of October 2008's heavily-multicolor Alara set, Bant focuses primarily on white mana and its allied colors, green and blue. Its main mechanic, exalted, provided increased power and toughness for any creature that attacked alone. Though this particular mechanic does not appear in Magic Duels, the same flavor for creature growth and military reinforcement carries over into the game's Bant-related cards.

Bant cards, as part of a shard of Alara, reward players who create multicolor decks. Some of its cards feature bonuses that can only be activated through other colors of mana, and its strategies often pool together the inherent strengths of different colors into an unstoppable force that rewards itself over time.

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